Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some lovely ideas. Granny's square chick!

If your favourite tunic is too small for you... Crochet solution

A beautiful silk tunic on the left was too small for me 
so I made a crochet extensions each side and some decorations around the tunic:

 read more if you need a pattern

Some other crochet works at my home.

This chair got a second life in my house. I bought it for 20 euro and painted. I painted all furniture in my bedroom with a chalk paint to create a beach cottage style
Dogs love to sleep on the crochet cover I made for this chair.

two-side cushion:

There are my art works in the room:

I also used a chalk paint to make a nice frame. I made a square mesh where I keep my earrings:

if you love jewellery look my collection here

My crochet. Blanket. Granny's square.

Super-king size: 630 little squares 16 colours yarn

first - you make many-many little parts:

then - you join them together (I did it during the crochet of the last row)

Nice clothes for my doggies. A Sailor Jumper.

Let me introduce you my two lovely dogs: bichons Yuki (3y.o.) and Lilly (2 y.o.)
I love to make them clothes. We live near the sea so here my love to paint seascapes (check out my second art blog if you love seascapes) and an idea for dogs. 
My last creation: two sailor jumpers:


Lilly (loves to rest on someone's belly)

This is a jumper without a dog:

Lace knitting. Lovely jumper.

Love this pattern. I used it for the second time. 
I found it in Burda Moden Magazine 1993 (№7)

More stripes. 3/4 sleeves jumper.

Looks simple. You just choose nice colour arrangement and vu à la!
Check the way I knitted sleeves: 45 degree line helps to connect stripes nicely.

Turquoise jumper.

A neck vest

Winter knitting. Stripes.

In this post I wanted to give an idea how some very simple vertical  purl stitch created a wide rib pattern had changed the design.

this sweater combines Mohair yarn (front and back) and wool for sleeves and neck.

If you want an idea for 3-d design look - there is a nice place I found: http://www.craftcookie.com/knitting-stitches/knit-purl-stitches

Winter knitting. Three more sweaters.

Winter knitting. Sweater.

The neck: I connected each stitch one by one to the sweater by sewing needle.
It is tricky but it is a great result when your yarn is really heavy.

this is 100% wool yarn and needles used number 8

Monday, September 29, 2014

Nice mittens for cold weather

we tried to create a look of my daughter's favorite character Alice:

I made a scarf (using a fabric paint) and mittens

Knitting for kids. Trendy fluffy sweater


Knitting for kids

Lovely pattern some people call "wave" or "peacock"

Knitting + Crochet.

Nice combination of knitted front and back and crochet sleeves and border.
Also I made a few embroidered flowers

Knitting for kids

A nice cardigan with two pockets

Knitting for kids

This is another my work
I got the pattern in Burda Moden Magazine

Knitting fir kids

I made this jumper for my daughter many years ago. I had to draw the picture by hand on a grid  paper. Now it is much easier to knit a picture using grid functions in programs like Photoshop.
For example, here a lesson how make it.


Knitting for kids

this is my first jumper for kids

I made it for my daughter (she is 21 now)

The pink jumper on me is also my work.
I used the pattern last year again and will post it later